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Joplin Missouri is where I was born and raised. I lived there for 18 years of my life and every summer during college. That town is my heart and my soul. And its gone. Ripped in half. Thank God all of my friends are ok and my home is in tact. But many aren't lucky. 116 and counting are not lucky. This city needs help and this city needs support. Please support us any way you can. This town is worth saving and is worth every penny given to it. Please have a heart...and help. I am out volunteering and giving blood. Our business district is destroyed. Our financial crisis is going to go unless we get help from the government.

I drove in the funnel. I was driving home from the movies and being with my girlfriend and she got trapped in a Kum and Go. I got trapped in a funnel. Nothing happened to me, thank God, but many weren't so lucky. Many lost their lives. Many of my friends have lost their homes. So again, I beg you. Please give help in any way you can.

Thank you for your prayers and help,

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RikusShadow Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
It's a good thing that you're and your loved ones are safe, but it's terrible what happened to everyone. I saw that recovery is beginning on the news today, and while it might take some time, I'm sure that things will get better.

I hope that all is safe for everyone on your end still.
GrimCareBear Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah. We are all ok. This is a tough town. We will make it.
RikusShadow Featured By Owner May 27, 2011
That's good. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.
Squee-Berry Featured By Owner May 23, 2011
Aww. Well, since I'm from California...don't know how a tragic incident like that would happen to me...never felt a big enough earthquake to shake me up.

But that sucks man. Least you're good...feel sorry for the others.

I bet I sound jacked up...I'm not good at comforting so much...sorry.
GrimCareBear Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Its all good. I understand. It just takes being here to really get it
EggnBaconSammich Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I'm from up in Pacific and I've been listening to the news all day... I want you guys to know that all of the families and people affected are in my prayers.
GrimCareBear Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot. Every little thought helps
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